Switching to dark mode

I’ve had a site in dark mode for a while now.

Tech Nation News was conceived in dark mode as a matter of design, because technology stuff was cooler with a dark background and after all it is a technology site.

However, the dark mode continues to advance on the Internet and in apps and today, July 12, 2022, Lexur.es goes to the dark side to give a joy to Dath Vader and to take advantage of the benefits it brings, namely:

  • lower power consumption, because only a fraction of the screen needs to be illuminated whereas in light mode the entire screen needs to be illuminated and the 2% occupied by text needs to be left off
  • less eyestrain because the eyes only have to deal with less frontal illumination. How do you see the mark of an oncoming car better, with the headlights off or on?
  • better visibility at night or in low light because you don’t have to adjust the brightness of the screen at night or when you go from being outdoors to indoors.

I will continue to switch sites to dark mode later.

Little by little.

Too many haters on Twitter, Mr Musk

It is easy to see that Twitter is a network full of profiles that behave in a despicable way. You must assume that when you post an opinion on this social network, some idiot hidden in an anonymous profile will come along and criticize you in a bad way or directly insult you.

That’s something Elon Musk could get to work on.

One of the solutions could be to boost the profiles that pay the “Twitter Blue” and give them some really interesting features:

  • Analytics
  • Limit the range of people who can reply to one’s own messages.

I personally find the latter very interesting because I could check a box that would allow people to reply to my messages only from verified profiles, with real people.

Verified profiles, which have an identifiable human being behind them, are much more moderate in their comments and rarely insult gratuitously in social networks because everyone has their limitations and after all no one goes down the street, where you go around showing your face, shouting at everyone.

Let’s see if Musk gets lucky and buys Twitter and implements this option.