2012 06 12 Friday

The all I need, [12.06.20 09:44]

Twitter suspends 174,000 accounts that the Chinese government used for its propaganda

Lukor, [12.06.20 10:32]

Brazil reaches 40,000 deaths from coronavirus and over 800,000 cases

Tech Nation News, [12.06.20 10:55]

PlayStation 5 presentation summary

Tech Nation News, [12.06.20 11:06]

Destruction AllStars: a PS5 exclusive game based on destroying opponents’ cars

The all I need, [12.06.20 11:17]

Sony introduces the Playstation 5 with many exclusive games but without revealing the price

Lukor, [12.06.20 11:55]

Pokémon Go will no longer be compatible with 32-bits Android phones

Tech Nation News, [12.06.20 12:32]

Pinterest presents its version of the stories: the new Story Pins

Tech Nation News, [12.06.20 13:25]

Tom Hanks new film ‘Greyhound’ has a release date on Apple TV+

Tech Nation News, [12.06.20 13:36]

Photoshop Camera, Adobe’s new free app powered by Artificial Intelligence

eBusiness Planet, [12.06.20 13:54]

The EU could impose the biggest fine on Amazon in its history in the coming weeks

Family Again, [12.06.20 14:35]

Study confirms late dining is fattening and can have consequences like diabetes