The Google’s AMP fiasco

Google closes its AMP service, and who cares?

We only thought for a moment that “The Search Engine” had a good idea but reality has shown us three things:

  • Google, being the second most valuable multinational company by stock market capitalization, is just one more actor in the online world and this one has grown enough to have important inertias, which are very difficult for anyone to change.
  • Google’s faith in its own products can never be measured by its words or promises: at any time an internal analysis will determine that it is not profitable for them to continue with a project and they will cancel it. Zero reliability Of course, they will always say that it is to improve the user experience and blah, blah, blah …
  • before launching ourselves to follow the next invention of Google or any other multinational company, we will analyze the benefits and costs without paying attention to the promises of future returns in order to be no more the useful fool in this story.

In case you have not noticed, we implemented the AMP service on all our websites but it has been some time since we disabled it.

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