2017 will be a great year

Do not let yourself fall in the pesimistic side of life. There are two words to resist this times with the mind high: knowledge and attitude.

Be skeptical when anyone says everything is good or bad, black or white, wonderful or terrible. Make your own investigation and get your own data set and then analyze that info to get your own idea about the world.

Believe in the facts, and you will discover that the whole Humankind is walking in the right direction, and that every year there is less poverty, less hungry children and less and less malaria deaths.

I’m sure you can count ten honest people around you for every rotten apple you have in your house or your job. Everyone can do the same numbers so, instead of think verybody is ruining the world, why do not think nine of every ten people in the planet is doing the right thing?

The world, actually, is the way WE do it. Let’s do it a better place.