Consulting on online business

I can help you develop your website or your online business by giving you opinions and suggesting strategies to make it grow.

This phrase above can be said by anyone. What anyone can no longer tell you is they have websites that have received more than three hundred million unique users (monthly unique users, a user who visits a website for a month), that publish three hundred pages a day or that have a million published HTML documents.

My fees (minus withholdings and plus VAT) are 200 euros per hour.

With all the previous info you send me and those I will obtain in the working sessions, you will receive a dossier which will contain an analysis of the positive and negative aspects of the business from my point of view and the paths to follow to position it in the market, with an analysis of the costs involved and the profitability of each of the actions.

If you want me to travel to the headquarters of your business, you bear the costs and I only travel for at least four-hour sessions.