Mobile apps for every website

Everybody knows the importance of mobile apps, no need to say it. Probably you are reading this in your smartphone.

Our next step is to build an app for every website of Lexur Networks and give users (you and me) the opportunity to check our contents elsewhere: while commuting, after lunch, in the sofa …

There is a big task (and more counting with Android and iOS) but in this world, there is no opportunities for cowards. 🙂

So … let’s go.

Moving to https

We are moving all of our websites to the https secure protocol.

This is something we don not have actually planned but the changes in the Google search rankings policies forced us to move in that direction. We do not have plans to do this change because we do not send or receive data that really needs to be secured (passwords, emails, credit card numbers or anything else); we only show content to readers and do not sell nothing or collect any personal info.

Anyway as cybercrime evolves is better to be safe and take this step.

We know this is not an absolute guarantee for nobody and we understand the real power of public agencies and organized hackers: if they want to do something, they will do it and we can not do anything to prevent it.

But we know we are working in the right direction as well. This is like lion’s anecdote: when a lion is hunting down your safari group, the real issue is not to run more speedy than the lion, but do not to be the slowest runner in the group. And that’s what we are trying to do. 🙂

So, now all of our websites are under the https secure protocol.