Strengthening my personal brand

Mauricio Luque

I think that over the years I have made a lot of big mistakes working online. One of them has been not putting enough effort in working on my personal brand.

It is true that when you Google “Mauricio Luque” most of the general results and images refer to me but I have the perception that nobody knows who I am so I’m going to get down to work and I’m going to start some tasks to strengthen this personal brand.

These are just a couple of them but I imagine that as I go along I will come up with more ideas to reinforce this personal brand:

  • register myself with a personal profile in as many social networks and platforms as I can find.
  • adding my name and photo in the dozens of emails I send daily.
  • (added on 5/19/22) make friends by commenting on other blogs: I’ve made a list of feeds in Feedlyand as soon as I see a post where I can contribute something (it is not about posting garbage)…. there I go to comment.

Suggestions are welcome.