Switching to dark mode

I’ve had a site in dark mode for a while now.

Tech Nation News was conceived in dark mode as a matter of design, because technology stuff was cooler with a dark background and after all it is a technology site.

However, the dark mode continues to advance on the Internet and in apps and today, July 12, 2022, Lexur.es goes to the dark side to give a joy to Dath Vader and to take advantage of the benefits it brings, namely:

  • lower power consumption, because only a fraction of the screen needs to be illuminated whereas in light mode the entire screen needs to be illuminated and the 2% occupied by text needs to be left off
  • less eyestrain because the eyes only have to deal with less frontal illumination. How do you see the mark of an oncoming car better, with the headlights off or on?
  • better visibility at night or in low light because you don’t have to adjust the brightness of the screen at night or when you go from being outdoors to indoors.

I will continue to switch sites to dark mode later.

Little by little.