What or who is Lexur?


Lexur is a trademark registered in Spain by Mauricio Luque, me.

I started my contact with networks with FidoNet, I was a point of that network, and through it I got information about something called Internet around 94… and here we are almost thirty years later.
As a curiosity, this is the oldest text published with my name that is preserved online and it is from 1997!

Although before I had websites on free servers provided by different Internet providers, since April 2000 I left my career as a lawyer and started working online with a domain (which is now abandoned but I don’t even mention it here because I don’t like what its current owners are doing with it). Then came many others (for example, Lukor.com in 2001 and Theallineed.com in 2002) and this Lexur.es which I use as a corporate website and where I add information about the work I am doing.

During all this time I have kept more or less alive many websites, most of the time alone, other times with employees and other times with partners. At first, at my home; sometimes in coworkings and sometimes in rented offices. Now, in 2022, things are very difficult and I have to push with all my strength, but I hope that this experience of almost thirty years online will help me to get ahead.

And I hope you will see it. 😀